Risk Management

A proper risk management program that is thorough and well thought out is the difference between preventing injuries and being prepared for any injuries that may occur.  Risk management has to be a bottom up and top down approach.  Teams, clubs, associations and individuals all must take a pro active approach to safety.  Emergency Action Plans, personalized first aid kits and full assessments of practices, games and facilities are the basis of our risk management services. 

 Risk Management

Risk management is very important to any team, club or organization when it comes to the safety and well being of their athletes.  All our risk management programs are designed specifically for needs following a consultation.  Our risk management services can be done for an individual club or team, multi community sport associations and provincial sport organizations.  These services include emergency action plans, customized first aid kits and risk assessments.

Team Risk Management

We provide teams with the basic risk management skills they need to improve safety, prepare for emergency and reduce injuries.  (If required we can develop more advanced programs for implementation) 


Emergency Action Plan – No one wants to deal with an emergency situation in sport, being prepared to deal with an emergency is an initial key step.  After consultation with you we provide you  with a completed EAP for both practices and games.    

 First Aid Kit – Part of being prepared for injury is having the proper supplies to deal with that injury. We customize your first aid kit based on your sport and injury management skills.

 Risk assessment for practice & game – The risk factors during practices and games can be similar or very different, after an onsite observation and risk assessment we will provide you and your team with recommendations to make both your practices and games safer.


Association Risk Management

Associations have many different risks based on their size and sport.  We will work with you to provide customized risk management programs, injury protocols and member education.  Any of our services are available to associations of any size.