Concussion Services

Concussion baseline evaluations for all sports.  We use the updated SCAT3 and Child SCAT 3.  We are able to complete the baseline evaluations for athletes ages 5 and up.  Typically concussion evaluations should be completed at the beginning of each season.   We are available for groups, teams and indiviudals in the greater Edmonton area as well as Southern Alberta.  

Proper return to activity from a concussion injury is highly important.  We will take athletes through a medically guided safe return to activity protocol. 

Ensuring your athletes safe return from concussion. 


Concussion Services

Concussion Baseline Evaluations

We offer baseline evaluations using the SCAT 5 and SCAT 5- Child.  The use of baseline evaluations is the first step in proper concussion management and used only when an athlete has suffered a suspected concussion.  The information gained aids the health care provider in determining if a concussion has occurred as well as determining if an athlete is symptom free and ready to begin the return to play process. 

We can also help with arranging baseline ImPACT testing as well.   

Concussion Return to Activity

This program is to ensure the safe “return to play” from an athlete’s post-concussive injury.  A graduated return to activity process is followed once athletes are symptom free.  Counselling and monitoring occur during both the symptom and symptom free stages.