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"Elite Injury Management really shines at giving you the tools and knowledge to not only recover from injury but to remain healthy and at the peak of your game.  FST treatment with Jasmine has been more beneficial than any treatment I have ever received. Not only did it open up my entire lower body and injury area but improved my posture and loosened up my shoulder injury from almost 10 years ago.  Going anywhere that does not offer FST is not an effective use of your recovery time."  Ken Kaminski-Rabb, Triathlete

"Robin was a very big help in Alex's recovery from both of his concussions. She helped him with return to school & return to play & it made a big difference in knowing she was looking out for his best interests!  We cannot thank Robin enough & recommend her more to every student athlete!!" Kelly Coulter. hockey parent 

Brian from Canadian Athletic Club

"Robin was great in helping me recover from my hip injury quickly while helping me strengthen the muscles to prevent it from happening again with easy at home exercises." - Mindy Graham

"Through her knowledge and vast experience Robin was able to guide my recovery through a variety of techniques from a concussion I sustained while playing hockey. I have been able to rely on Robin's support throughout my hockey career and will surely count on it moving forward." - Michael Graham  





Jon Edwards, Ph.D