Athletic Education Seminars

Education for all areas of sport. Our seminars are designed specifically designed for coaches, athletes and parents.  Injury prevention topics include a general overview, specific injury prevention techniques in sport, the role of equipment in injury prevention, types of injury and injury care and concussions.  Nutrition topics include general nutrition for all ages, eating for performance, hydration, supplementation, and fueling the young athlete.  Psychology topics include goal setting, performing at your best, working as a team and performing in performing sports.  Making Injury Prevention Key to Your Success. 

Serving Edmonton and area, North Central Alberta, Calgary and Southern Alberta. 


Education Seminars

Our education seminars are designed to improve the knowledge of athletes, coaches and parents in all aspects of injury prevention.  Seminars will increase participants awareness of health and safety topics.    Participants will gain knowledge on how to perform at peak levels as well as knowledge to use in everyday life.   



                •Eating for Performance



                •Fueling the Young Athlete

Injury Prevention and Management



                •Types of Injuries

                •Injury Care



Fitness Components

                •Training for Performance


                •Goal Setting

                •How to Perform at your Best

                •Working as a Team

The Female Athlete


Risk Management