Managing Injury Seminars

Learning the ins and outs of injury prevention and proper injury management can be what separates you and your athletes from being average to outstanding.  Coaches, parents and trainers all need to have basic skills in these areas to help their athletes achieve and live healthy lives.  

Courses are offered in Edmonton and area, plus Southern Alberta. 


Managing Injury Seminars


These seminars are designed to give coaches, parents and trainers the step up on injury recognition and management.  Enabling you to learn the skills that will put your athletes and children on the road to success.

Coachdesigned for coaches looking to expand their knowledge in regards to injury recognition and appropriate return to play.  Topics covered will include risk management, emergency action plan, communication, injury recognition and  management.  Focus will be on giving the coach the confidence and tools to recognize injuries and how to deal with them. 

Parentdesigned to give parents an insight into regards to injury prevention and management.  Topics covered will be injury prevention techniques, injury management, concussion management and nutrition/supplementation.  Focus will be on giving the parent the tools to help prevent and manage their child’s injuries.

Traineris an introduction for those who are new to working as a trainer for sports teams or a refresher for those who have previous experience.  Topics covered will include risk management, emergency action plan,  communication, anatomy, injury recognition and management.  Focus will be on the trainer’s role on a team and how to work with the players and coaches.  Day two  participants will take the Sports Medicine Council of Alberta’s Taping and Strapping course.