About Us

We are a group of health care providers mostly made up of Certified Athletic Therapists.  Our main goal is to keep all athletes and workers involved in their given sport or job.  One of the main ways we do this is to teach everyone about proper injury prevention and injury management tools and skills.  Not every injury can be prevented but we must do what we can do minimize all injuries and the complications from them. 

Other than Certified Athletic Therapists we have Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists and Registered Nurses as part of our team.  Each practitioner brings their own unique background and area of knowledge to help you and your team achieve success. We currently service the greater Edmonton area as well as Southern Alberta. 

Sports Safety and Sports Injury Experts. 

Canadian Athletic Therapists Association 

Our core belief is that injury prevention through education leads to improved performance. There are many aspects that lead to injury as well as success. We provide our clients with the skills and knowledge in these areas to prevent and manage injuries, improve on the physical and mental and to find their optimal performance state to truly define their own success.

Our team of health professionals come from a variety of back grounds including Certified Athletic Therapists, Physical Therapists, Registered Massage Therapists, Psychologists, Acupuncturists and Registered Nurses. They all have extensive background in their areas of expertise.  In sport we have worked with community level athletes all the way to professional athletes, from preparing them for activity to getting them back to it after injury and everything in between.

What is a Certified Athletic Therapist?

The Scope of Practice of a Certified Athletic Therapist includes the assessment, prevention, immediate care, and reconditioning of musculoskeletal injuries. Prevention includes musculoskeletal and postural evaluation, equipment selection, fitting and repair, warm-up, conditioning programs, prophylactic or supportive taping, and adapting to the activity environment and facilities.

The provision of on-field immediate care of athletic injuries by a Certified Athletic Therapist includes: injury assessment, basic emergency life support, recognition and management of acute traumatic neurological dysfunction, provision of first aid, preparation for entrance into appropriate health care delivery systems, or, where appropriate, utilization of techniques facilitating a safe return to participation.

A Certified Athletic Therapist assesses injuries and conditions, utilizes contemporary rehabilitative techniques, therapeutic modalities, soft tissue mobilization, physical reconditioning, and supportive strapping procedures to promote an environment conducive to optimal healing in preparing the individual for safe reintegration into an active lifestyle.

Robin Tharle-Oluk, Certified Athletic Therapist.  Robin graduate from the University of Alberta with a degree in Physical Education and from Mount Royal College with an Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy.  She has worked with local hockey and lacrosse as a Head Therapist and has worked with athletes in a variety of sports including soccer, figure skating, gymnastics and dance.  Proper diagnosis and treatment of concussions as well as prevention of injury and disease be it from proper training and conditioning, education or nutrition.