Elite Athlete/Dancer Program

Elite Athlete & Elite Dancer Program

Combining physical, mental and injury prevention to give athletes the edge and be the key to their success.   All athletes want to be at the top of their game, the Elite Athlete/Dancer Program combines different aspects from Elite Injury Management to ensure that athletes are gaining and using certain tool and skills to be successful and healthy. 

Physical and Functional Assessment and Program

-        Determine what areas of the body are weak, tight or compensating.

-        Basic movements such as squats and lunges will be assessed as well as sport specific movements.

-        A program of specific stretches and strengthening will be provided individualized to the athlete.

Investment $130

Mental Skills Sessions

-        Five sessions that will focus on preparing the athlete for daily sport activities as well as competition. 

-        First session is an assessment to determine the areas of weakness for the athlete, the mental skills program will be designed from this.

-        The subsequent sessions will cover the areas discovered in the assessment, it will involve one on one meetings as well as take home work.

Investment $250

Injury Prevention and Management Session

-        An individual session one on one with the therapist to go over sport and athlete prevention techniques to reduce chance of injury, over-training and burnout.

-        Included will be discussion about basic injury management skills the athlete can use to reduce time away from sport in case of injury.

Investment $100

Included is baseline concussion evaluation for those athletes requiring one.  Value of $30

Complete program for $400