Physical Therapy and Athletic Therapy Treatments, treatment for sports injuries and other musculoskeletal injuries. Fascial Stretch Therapy, Acupuncture, Soft Tissue Release, Functional Exercises, Return to Play, Return to Activity, Flexibility, Range of Motion, Serving Edmonton and Area

Physical Therapy & Athletic Therapy Treatments

Elite Injury Management offers a variety of post injury treatment options.  Our Physical Therapist Jasmine and Athletic Therapist Robin have years of experience in both the clinical and field setting.  They have worked a variety of sports and continue to build their repertoire of treatment options and tools. 

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Fascial Stretch Therapy

Developed by Chris and Ann Frederick, Fascial Stretch Therapy is a specialized type of therapy that promotes pain free gains in range of motion.  FST combines treating the muscle fascia while engaging the nervous system to reduce pain, improve movement and restore function to the body. 

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Acupuncture, from a physiotherapy standpoint, is a modality that can help with recovery from an injury. By using points along meridians in the body, acupuncture stimulates Qi (energy) circulation, and therefore bloodflow, throughout the body. It releases naturally occurring optiates in the body, having an analgesic effect. It also has an anti-inflammatory effect, by way of reduced swelling and tenderness and improved range of motion. Additionally, it helps promote emotional balancing, as well as stimulate homeostatic mechanisms (ie. Regulating blood pressure, release of hormones, etc).

Source: Acupuncture Foundation of Canada Institute (AFCI)

Athletic Therapy 

Getting back to function is the goal of our AT treatments.  A combination of muscle therapy including Soft Tissue Release and therapeutic exercise enables our patients to return to sport stronger and prepared for competition.  With a knowledge of a wide variety of sports, all athletes will find us the key to your success.  Our AT is able to provide individual flexibility and strength programs based on an assessment of weakness and function. 

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