Athletes learning life skills that will assist them on the competition surface and throughout life.  First Aid, CPR, Sport Trainer, Taping & Strapping,  Allowing your student athletes to assist when an injury occurs. 


Team mates are the backbone of many school athletes lives.  They spend day and night together, in classes, in the gym and on the playing field.  With out each other many    student athletes would be lost.  Who better to be there when an injury occurs than those who know you the best during this time.  The goal of the SCORE program is to create athletes who are not only better prepared to participate in sport and excel but also create athletes who are able to reduce the risk of injury and deal with injury and emergency situations if they do occur.  Giving student athletes these skill sets and knowledge is not only to help them excel in their athletic career but also to give them life skills that they can use away from the gym, field, rink or studio. 

CPR & First Aid

In the case of any emergency having someone present who is able to perform CPR and administer life saving first aid can be the difference between life and death.  Having these skills is not only applicable to those in sport but is a great life skill.  Student athletes will be certified in CPR, AED and First Aid.

Injury Recognition

The importance of having first aid and CPR is great, however without the knowledge of how to recognize common sports injuries those skills are not useful.  We offer numerous injury recognition seminars    including concussion recognition. musculoskeletal injuries, anaphylactic reactions, spinal injuries, heat illness and medical episodes such as cardiac arrest, diabetes, and asthma.  

Sport Taping and Strapping

If you want to learn unique and practical taping techniques for most common sports injuries.  Participants learn proper taping procedures, when to tape and when not to, taping versus bracing, as well as have the opportunity to practice different taping techniques for all parts of the body.

Education Seminars

Seminars will increase athletes awareness of health and safety topics. Participants will gain knowledge on how to perform at peak levels as well as knowledge to use in everyday life.  Topics include nutrition, injury   prevention, drugs in sport and mental   training skills such as goal setting.

Student Trainer Course

For those students who wish to expand their knowledge of sports medicine or who are wanting to pursue a career in sports medicine this is the place to start.  This course is comprised of three parts: First Aid and CPR certification, Sport Taping and Strapping and our Managing Injuries—A Trainer’s  Responsibility.

We are proud to have partnered with Sports Medicine Council of Alberta to offer this program.