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Over the years it seems that the term success has come to stand for winning, being the best, or coming out on top.  To define success this way places limits on who is actually obtaining success. The true definition of success, as defined by Merriam-Webster,  is to have a favourable outcome or to succeed.  Each individual or team will have different criteria of what that outcome is.  

Looking at the following list, ask yourself if anyone is not a favourable outcome:

  • Landing a double axel
  • Making the AA hockey team
  • Learning how to do an overhand serve 
  • Successfully doing a triple pirouette
  • Obtaining your blue belt
  • Returning from a knee injury
  • Not re-injuring your shoulder  
  • Taking 2 seconds off your run time
  • Jumping 5cm longer or higher 
  • Having your team win provincials 
  • Going from 4 wins to 10 in your season 

Each one of these is that individuals or groups definition of success.  When we talk about being your key to success, we mean YOURS not your neighbours or the 19 other kids on the team, YOURS.  Take the information and skills you get and apply it to you.  Even in the same household each person will use those skills differently to help them achieve their success.  

From goal setting to learning about nutrition or injury management, you will gain a skill or a piece of knowledge that will help you achieve your success.