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Just a Cog on the Wheel

I spent the past weekend at a conference where the speakers and attendees ranged from coaches to sport medicine physicians.  I gained lots of things from the weekend in regards to lower body injuries, what I gained the most was how each profession in the world of sports medicine is just a cog on the wheel. 

Our speakers included a registered massage therapist, registered dietician, physical therapist, physical therapist with a PhD and an athletic therapist with a PhD in sports medicine and biomechanics.  They all pointed out how each profession plays a role in all aspects of sports.  Though many of our professions overlap in terms of scope, we need to work together to as part of a team to help our athletes and patients achieve their success.  

Everyone from coaches, parents, teachers, exercise therapists, kinesiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic therapists, physical therapists, and sport medicine physicians all are part of the athletes support team.  Remember all of our goals are the same, to keep the athletes playing and achieving their goals. 

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