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Too Many Hats

Where does your role as a coach end and that as a member of the safety team begin?  What if you are a health professional and coach does this change?  Which hat takes priority during games and competitions?

As a health professional in sports your have commitment to all the athletes but when an injury occurs it is to that injured athlete.  No matter what.  As a coach you are accountable to the whole team and the goals of that team.   By wearing both hats you are put in the position of putting the teams goals ahead of athlete safety.  It is not an easy task and there may be no right answer.  

We all get caught up in the heat of the moment.  It maybe final game of the playoffs, or a chance for your team to make it to nationals.  The role of having someone other than the coach make injury decisions is essential to keep everyone safe.  Safe from re-injury, safe from long term detrimental effects and safety of knowing that your athletes are cared for.  

So if you are a coach and a health professional us your knowledge as a health professional to find someone qualified to take care of your athletes when an injury does occur, that way you can focus on being the coach.