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Athletic Therapist Spotlight - Andrea Hanssen

This weeks Athletic Therapist spotlight is on Andrea Hanssen. 

Name: Andrea Hanssen

Job: Owner of Activa Sports Therapy Athletic therapist & Red Cross First Aid Instructor. 

Education Background:  Bachelors of Physical education from the University of Alberta & Mount Royal University Advanced Certificate in Athletic Therapy 

What is a typical day for you: During the school year I provide Athletic therapy services at a local high school and everyday can be very different.  The days go by fast doing assessments  and treatments for the students and staff,mostly the athletes that pick up injuries in football, Rugby or other school sports or activities. Other tasks that keep me busy are supervising and providing guidance in the fitness centre and assisting teachers as guest instructor of subjects such as first aid, athletic injury management, taping, nutrition and other topics.  Outside of the school you will most likely find me on the soccer pitch taking care of a variety of different levels from youth to professionals. 

Favorite part of job: Travelling is one of my passions and often times that is  a part of the job.  I have been fortunate that Athletic Therapy has taken me all over Canada, USA, Sweden, England, France and Spain. 

 Why did you become an AT: I love sports and couldn't imagine doing anything else. I am happiest around a field or court, either on it playing or helping those that are. 

Highlight of Career:  There are so many great events to choose from, but one memorable moment that will always stick out in my mind is quite comical.  Dwayne Laing and I received a Red Card from the Ref (as Therapists) during a professional soccer game while on the field assisting an injured player. Apparently the he had not waved us on, however the fourth official did signal us to enter the field.  We had to leave the game. 

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