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Elite Performance Programs

Performance and how it leads to success, is an important part of athletes lives.  Athletes have a desire to achieve and perform at their best, yet sometimes something holds them back from this.  Be it injury, poor goal setting, mental hurdles, nutrition, or physical limitations; athletes need guidance in finding their key to success.  Success is defined as finding a favourable outcome, it is important that each athlete, team or organization needs to come up with their own definition of success and what steps need to be taken to reach it.  

The Elite Athlete and Elite Dancer Program combine physical, mental and injury prevention aspects to provide athletes with the tools, skills and knowledge needed for their success.  These programs include a physical assessment with focus on functional movements, mental skills sessions aiming to discover the ideal performance state, and an injury prevention session specific to the athlete’s needs and activity. 

Achieving optimal flexibility is a goal for many athletes, doing so in a safe manner is the goal for coaches, and parents.  Elite Flex focuses on improving flexibility using correct technique and body positioning.  Athletes will also work on body awareness, balance and proprioception.  For the aesthetic athlete turnout exercises are incorporated into the program.  Elite Flex is great for individuals, small groups or large groups. 

As with all our programs, our elite performance programs focus on how injury prevention and education is key to an athlete’s success.  No matter the level of sport, all athletes gain insight into how to improve themselves and gain the edge they need in sport and living a healthy life. 

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