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Education at Home

Are you a sport parent who wants to help your athlete be safer?  Feel as though you are missing something? Want to give your athlete an edge?

To help find a way to better serve our clients we are now offering our education seminars in an in home format.  This is ideal for parents and athletes.  Get a group of up to 10 together for an informative hour on any of our topics or chose one of your own, we do the work you get the reward.  Many of our seminars not only provide athletes and parents with skills and knowledge they can apply to sport but also to life.  Each topic can be done in a generalized sport setting or can be geared to specific sports as well. 

Nutrition -General, Eating for Performance, Hydration, Supplementation, Fueling the Young Athlete and Eating Disorders. 

Injury Specific - Injury Prevention, Injury Management & Care, Types of Injuries, Role of Equipment, Concussions. 

Fitness Components - Training for Performance

Psychology - Goal Setting, How to Perform an Your Best, Working as a Team. 

The Female Athlete

Sport Specialization

For more specific information on each topic or to look into booking a in home education seminar please contact us at 780-699-8084 or